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Course Name Schedule Duration Fee
Web Engineering 2018-03-10(Saturdayat09.00am-05.30pm) 60 hrs 25,000/-

Certificate in Web Engineering

(Job oriented Training with real time projects- At the end of the course, students will have Clear understanding of the web technology and be able to architect, write, debug, and run complete web applications using  HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, )

Course Plan- Lectures + Lab sessions + Guided project

Duration -60 Hours

Course Fee-Rs 25000

Course Outline

Unit 01 : Introduction to Internet & WWW
Unit 02 : Static Web Publishing and Design (HTML 5 )
Unit 03 : Applying style sheet for web page
Unit 04 : Client side web programming using JavaScript
Unit 05 : Server side web programming with PHP 
Unit 06: Database designing using MySQL
Unit 07 : Server side integration of PHP & MySQL
Unit 08 : Using Ajax for fast and dynamic WebPages
Unit 09 : Introduction to Web 2.0 3.0 Concepts and Social media integration
Unit 10 : Project Work

Course Description

Unit 01 : Introduction to Internet & WWW

1.1  Fundamentals of Internet and Web concepts 

1.2  Introduction to static and dynamic web Sites

1.3  Web standards

1.4  Introduction to E-Commerce

Unit 02 : Static Web Publishing and Design (HTML 5)

Introduction to HTML

Basic HTML elements

Building and editing HTML webpage

HTML Headings and Comments

Paragraphs, Line break, Horizontal rule

HTML Text Formatting

HTML Lists (UL, OL, LI, DL)

Adding images and Hyperlinks

Image Map

HTML Tables

Forms and Input

New Form elements and attributes in HTML5

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets in HTML


HTML Meta tags for search engines

HTML object and param

Unit 03 : Applying style sheet for web page

Introduction to CSS

Writing  CSS code

Creating style sheets

Configuring Fonts

Configuring Text


CSS Border

Display and Visibility


CSS Float and Clear

CSS Float and Clear

Unit 04 : Client side web programming using JavaScript

Variables and Operators

Conditional statements if, else, switch


Alert, Confirm and Prompt


JavaScript Strings

JavaScript Arrays

JSON in JavaScript

Window Object

Document Object - DOM

Document object and Forms

navigator and history objects

location and screen objects

Form, text, textarea, file objects

Buttons, Checkbox, Radio, Select, Option objects

JavaScript Events


Working with getElementById

Working with getElementsByTagName

Unit 05 -07  PHP MySQL

Introduction to Server site scripting languages

Installing and working with Local Servers (Appache / Wamp /XAMP )


Writing PHP scripts

 Variables and Data Types

Numbers and mathematical operators

PHP Strings


If ... Else conditionals, Switch ... Case ...

Loops (For, while, do while, foreach)

PHP Arrays (Numeric, Associative, Multidimensional arrays and array functions)

Using HTML Forms

$_GET, $_POST and $_REQUEST Variables

PHP functions

Functions, Variable scope and Passing by Reference

Include and Require

File Handling 



Regular Expressions

Date and Time

Sending E-mails

OOP Programming

Introduction to OOP Concept

Creating Classes and Objects

Constructor  and  Destructor methods

OOP - Constants, Static Properties and Methods

 OOP - Inheritance, class extends

OOP - Final Classes and Methods

 Magic Methods __get, __set, __call, __toString

      - About Magic (or interceptor) Methods and their utility in classes, __get, __set, __call, __toString.

Abstract classes



PHP MySQL Introduction, Data Types

      - PHP MySQL Introduction, database structure, tables. MySQL naming rules, and column\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s data           types.

Connect to MySQL server and  Perform SQL  queries to create a database and tables.

      - Insert data into MySQL Table. Get the auto ID from the  last INSERT query with insert_id ()          method. Insert data from a form into a database.

      - Retrieve and display data from a MySQL table, SELECT SQL command. Determine the number        of records to return with the LIMIT option. Sort query results with ORDER BY clause (ASC and         DESC).

      - Selecting specific data from a database with the WHERE clause and Conditionals. Check for         string matching with LIKE and NOT LIKE terms.

      - UPDATE query to edit / change existing records in MySQL table.

      - The DELETE statement, used to entirely remove records from a database table.

MySQL Aliases and Functions
      - Using MySQL Aliases and functions, text, numeric / mathematical, and date and time functions.

Unit 08 : Using Ajax for fast and dynamic Web Pages

Writing CSS Introduction to AJAX

XMLHttpRequest object

AJAX with GET and PHP

AJAX with POST and PHP

Forms handling using PHP and AJAXcode

Unit 09 : Introduction to Web 2.0 3.0 concepts and Social media integrations

Introduction to SEO and social media integration

Unit 10 : Project Work

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